Fetishes You Need To Know About

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We are about to walk into a moment of shocking knowledge. If you are eating, you may want to close this blog post, digest then you can come back later. However, I do promise you a laugh because human beings are truly amazing and complicated creatures. Here we go.

I would be very afraid of people with this particular fetish because, in my mind, I would think they actually practice human cannibalism.

• Vorarephilia – a fetish whereby the person is turned on by eating someone, the idea of being eaten by someone or witnessing a cannibalistic scene. They are often called vores.

If you are a serial cheat I have found the people you need to be with. Your life will be so much easier, you can cheat in peace!

• Hybristophilia – this is a sexual condition in which one is aroused by the knowledge that their partner has betrayed them or the human race e.g infidelity, murder, rape, lying or robbery.

If you cohabit or get married to a person with this fetish sleep is a myth to you. You will not know sleep, ever. Should be a little awkward too, cause…

• Sexsomnia – a rare sleeping disorder, found mostly in men, where the person seeks sexual activity in their sleep.

This could be where R Kelly falls or at least one of them, turns out rape is also a fetish. I completely disagree, rape is RAPE. Anyway, moving on…

• Omorashi a.k.a Omo – these individuals are turned on when they have a full bladder and wet themselves or witness their partner wetting themselves.

If you have a scar or scars that you often try to cover up or are insecure about hush hush
They are an absolute turn on!

• Teratophilia – a sexual fetish that involves being aroused by physical deformities. It has subsets e.g acrotomopholia – aroused by amputees or stigmatophilia – aroused by scars or marks on one’s body.

The following fetish is the reason I asked you not to read if you were eating. It is messy! cringe

• Cropophilia – this sexual fetish is fixated on feces or defecation. The individuals are sexually aroused by pooping on someone or having someone poop on them.

We need to say a prayer for these particular individuals because their lives are tough! An absolute nightmare, they may need to visit the desert every now and then for control.

• Dendrophilia – the definition of this word is ‘love of trees, ‘ yes someone out there is aroused by the sight of a tree.

The very reason why talking about fetishes is important lies in the following fetish. At this rate we are going to need a show called, sex took me to the grave.

• Breathplay – it involves the restriction of oxygen to the brain in order to heighten the orgasm. Couples breathplay includes pinching of the nose, holding your breath, covering one’s face with a plastic bag,
corseting – pushing down on someone’s chest, hanging, choking, ringing/queening – smothering your partner with genitals.

Hide your children! (Esp if they like balloons) Oh and watch the clowns you hire, I am not joking…

• Balloon fetish – people in this category are sexually attracted to balloons, they are known as looners.

This fetish reminded me of pigs. You can’t exactly blame me and this could be a pig fetish too.

• Salirophilia – sexually aroused by getting dirty or getting their partner dirty (literally) prior to sex.


• Emetophilia – sexual attraction to vomit.
• Eproctophilia – sexual attraction to farts.
• Arachnophilia – sexual attraction to spiders.

This really made human beings much more creepy for me. I don’t know who to trust but what I do know is, the conversation needs to be had! Period. Did you find your fetish here? Let us know in the comment section. CIAO!