This has to be the best challenge for me, because music. Whoever came up with day 5 and 6 topics is a fave. It was really hard picking one song, I mean it has been 11 months and this year artists were not playing at all. It was hit after hit after hit after hit. The music fanatics can testify. 

Joyner Lucas- Frozen, I loved loved loved this track! Matter fact a lot of his songs are just gems but let me focus. I could sit and just replay it over and over again. Joyner took a reality, moulded it and layed it perfectly on a beat. I felt every emotion and maybe because my imagination often skips off with the song I pictured the reactions of their loved ones, someone you were with and said goodbye was really bidding you goodbye for life. There was no more coming back for them, that was it. This person left home to for a quick something but couldn’t come back because someone decided to drive and text, drink and drive or just drive reckless.

December is here and we often get too excited and forget to think safety first. Please do not drive if you are intoxicated, do not check if the person you are picking up is ready whilst you drive, do not feel like a Michael Schumacher for no reason. There is no such thing as I drive better when I am drunk, please clear away from the steering. Thank you very much! Ciao

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