How To Deal With Sexuality-based Discrimination

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“What’s good you stupid ass fag, move, this is straight space!”

“You are demon possessed, you need cleansing!”

Such statements are the reason why most people are not upfront about their sexuality. Humanity is top 2 cruel and it ain’t number 2. One feels unsafe even in places where they should. School becomes unbearable, going out is a non starter because it comes with the anxiety of dealing with unnecessary name calling. Why people can not respect anothers personal decision, I will never understand. But here is how to deal with it.


This sounds crazy just reading it out loud, right? I know.. Find a professional to speak to about it all. Such torment will put one in a space of denying who they are and trying to change themselves so they fit in. And at times it’s not because people know their sexuality but they have seen the effects of coming out.. Speaking to a professional will help you clear out the ugly thoughts and memories.


Confidence is about being you and being damn good at it. Affirm yourself every morning, go out there and be you even when they exert their insecurities at you for their little ego. You don’t need anybody else to conquer the world but you!


You know how people expect you to run and hide in the bathroom because they have said something evil? Imagine not running, staying put and laughing with them. Imagine how stupid they would look. You with me? (If you pull this off and your heart stings later, do step number 1)


Sometimes this doesn’t come from strangers, it’s from people you thought were friends. No matter how much you love them, don’t keep them around because that is just going break you further. Once they show signs of being ashamed of who you are, they don’t deserve you!

It’s sad that we even have to talk about ways to deal with being yourself but here we are. I am curious to know if there are organisations in your country that deal with verbal or physical offences against the LGBTQ community. I think it’s very important to have these established.

Where I’m from, there aren’t any. And cases of physical and verbal abuse against the LGBTQ community seem to rise daily. I can not imagine the anxiety and depression they deal with daily. They never feel safe and it is unfair, they too are human.

I don’t know if we will ever get better at minding our own business as humans but I strongly hope we do. If you have been part of those tormenting innocent souls because of their sexuality stop it. It is ugly and disgusting. You are part of the reason numbers to suicide are rising, deal with your insecurities different.

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