How To Find Your Voice

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

I remember when I started blogging and my blog was an actual mess. It had too many names, too many categories, nothing made sense except for the stuff I wrote of course. I look back and I realize that I had something in me that I wanted to say but didn’t know how to let it out. I did not know how to pull it out of me and just let it be. Instead, I kept grabbing other people’s voices. If I saw it working for someone else, I thought it had to work for me too. I mean, why not?

I would get frustrated when it would not get the same results as the other person’s. I would feel rejected and would immediately want to shut down until I bump into someone else’s and decide to try that. I doubted what was in me, I wanted a quick fix so I kept trying something else. It took a while until I realized that when I wrote from my heart, when I wrote like me, people would actually engage. I am lying, it took someone else pointing it out to me first.

That is when I sat down, really looked at everything I was passionate about and I realized I have always wanted people to be themselves. To find themselves and to never be ashamed of it. To break away from the barriers set for them by society.

That was a light bulb moment; so welcome to YouBeYou (uBu). Let us help you find your voice.

OWN WHO YOU ARE – this is going to be the hardest part of it all because this also involves letting down a lot of people around you. They will not be kind about it either, shock will hit them because chances are you have been who they want you to be for so long. It is going to hurt you too because you are going to lose people whom you truly love. However, I promise you that you will get people who will see you for who you really are and they are the people you need around you. It will be refreshing to not hold back your views because you are afraid of being judged. It will feel like heaven found you when you wake up and dress the way you like because that is what you want.

LISTEN TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU – when you do this, you will catch onto your own ideologies, your beliefs and your values. Your heart will skip a beat when you learn that you are very different from so many people but that is ok, that is who you are, that is where your voice stems from. Embrace it, write it down, reflect on it and most of all, OWN IT.

TAP INTO YOUR PASSION – what do you care about? There are a lot of things you care about so list them down, when you read them back you will find that there some more important to you than others. Rank them in order of importance. The one at the top is the one, you can probably merge it with the following two as well. Voila!

EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUE OPINIONS – this is what makes you stand out. Imagine if we all thought the same..what a bore! Will you be fought for your opinions? Absolutely! But then you have a mandate so stand for it, fight for it. You may save someone’s life, you will never know.

FIND SOMEONE WHO BELIIVES IN YOU – there is nothing better than having someone who hears you, sees what you see, completely understands your voice and what you want to do with it. This very person is the one who will help fuel you when your tank is empty. When you have an idea, it is always nice to have someone to share it with who will help you bring it to life and fine tune it with you too. Most times, you do not look for this person, they find you. It is always better when they find you because then they are really for you and about you. It means they saw your work and believed in the vision, congratulations to you!

Now, read that again and actually try this out. Let me know if this helped. Oh, if you have any step to add to this then please, drop it in the comment section! Miss Universe said this year we are #TakingUpSpace, how can we do this without our voices?

I meet you again next week, same time. Tell your friends to come through and join us, they too can subscribe just like you did! CIAO!