How To Identify Your Beliefs

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

Last week we spoke about how to identify your values, if you missed it you can catch up
right here. This week we focus on beliefs, these are important because they do drive your behaviors. What you feed the mind translates into actions, which is why I forever say that you need to speak positively.

Let me paint a picture for you, right now you are overweight but you have decided to lose weight. But somewhere in life, you told yourself that not being able to eat what you desire is self-deprivation. So now you are working but still eating recklessly which is fighting your weight loss process. The belief you fed yourself is the reason you are in this mess.

On the flip side, you are depriving yourself of a hot body be overeating. So, what do you need to do? Fee your mind the right belief which is eating healthy food and exercising will bring the body you need. This is how you achieve the summer body you want! Makes sense?


  1. JOURNAL YOUR INTERNAL THOUGHTS – it all begins in mind. Some of these are fed to us as by those around us and we make them our own beliefs. When you write down your thoughts, when you come back to read them you can pick up your beliefs and their roots. Some of which you may need to trash immediately, remember your beliefs are the reason you react to things a certain way.

    Drop your toxic beliefs before they rub off on other people, they are definitely doing you any good either. By picking up toxic beliefs, you can easily formulate positive beliefs.

  2. CHECK YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES – when were you happiest? When were you down? How did you feel in that moment? Our life experiences play a big part in our beliefs, the worst thing is they can lead us into believing we are what we are not. They make us believe we are not worth much which is very untrue, there is unlearning that needs to be done.

    I believed I would not amount to much because I was told that being creative would only lead to a mediocre life. I believed for a very long time, I tried to go back into the life that is expected of me, office life and the whole 9 yards. It never worked for me, I wanted to force it to work so I belonged and be counted. I found myself discouraging creatives from being themselves because the belief was in me. I had to unlearn it all and it took a while to get it right.

  3. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INFLUENCES – remember I did mention in the first point that some of the things we believe in are fed to us. Who influences you and why? What influences you and why? Do these bring about a positive attitude and change or do they take you down the line of toxicity? All these are important to questions to ask yourself

It is easy to fall into a pit of negativity through our beliefs, which is why the exercise
of finding out what we believe in when it comes to the different aspects of our lives is imperative. Check your beliefs when it comes to work, health, social life, spirituality and learning. Time to change your life! CIAO!