How To Self-evaluate

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Mental Health, Health & Wellness | 0 comments

Raise your hand if you are guilty or not doing this as often as you should. In the year 2019, it took me losing everything to self-evaluate and it was a little too late and I have to say that was a lesson learned for me. I got comfortable and life gave me a wakeup call. If you are like the old me, we need to change that real quick!


  1. Write down your goals, this makes them real. It translates them from just being thoughts. When you write your goals make sure they are specific, time-related, measurable, and attainable.
  2. Create action steps, these are the ‘how-to’s’ in your plan. A guide on how to reach your goal makes it easier to actually work towards the goals.
  3. Rank your goals in order of importance to you. Whatever is at the top of the list obviously deserves more attention.


Step two comes into play here, now that you know how you intend on getting to the top of the mountain set a step/s for each month. This makes for better productivity as the year progresses. I found that the reason I ended up going in circles and getting frustrated is because I missed this step.

But COVID hit, yes that it did and it has put a lot of our plans on hold. I get it, it really stresses me out too but hear me out. One of the things we need to do for our brands is to be visible, right? We need to find our target market, listen to it, and cater to it. This is the time to build your online presence because everyone is online and every day I learn of a new service because people are putting in the work.

I tell you this, it is not every day that you will feel up to working and that is fine but when you can please put in the work. Do not give up, put in the work. Do what you can do right now, it is the least we can do for ourselves. Your dreams are not invalid and this definitely is not enough for you to just throw in the towel.


We often set this aside for the end of the year, which is ok but what is happening in-between? How are you checking your progress if there are no reviews in the year?  Get it? Weekly/fortnight reviews are recommended. You will pick up on what is missing and where your weaknesses are and work on them sooner than later.

In 2020 our goal is to win and that is what we are going for. If you had not done this yet, it is not too late to start. I will be back year-end to ask how it all went, we will discuss how to make our plans better because there is always room for improvement, right? So be sure to follow me on twitter @becomingubu, that is where it all goes down. CIAO!