Manifesting and Finding Peace of Mind.

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Mental Health, Health & Wellness | 0 comments

Hey there darling, welcome to 2021! I am pumped that you made it into this year, and I hope we will have a wholesome year. 2020 was a hard long year and by the time we hit year-end a lot of us were extremely drained, our mental health was tested greatly last year and it made me realize how intentional we need to be with staying sane. It is not enough for us to just talk the talk on our socials so we sound woke, we need to get into the habit of practising it. And this is why I decided that we start the year by manifesting the things we want for ourselves.

You will notice that today’s topic is peace. There are so many dimensions to peace but the one I would like to talk about is the type that we have to cultivate within ourselves. I am a cancer and so I am the one to internalize a lot of things knowingly and unknowingly. I often find myself in a state of anxiety and unsure what got me there, it will eat at me for days and I wait for it to fade. The problem is that when I do this I fail to work or just be because the anxiety cripples me.

Happy new year to you! Side note: do you have a copy of my book?

I learned this about myself in 2020 when Ginimbi passed on, I had nightmares for days and I was very low. I had never met this man or his friends but I was deeply consumed by their passing. I dreamt of him for days before I sat down and questioned my feelings, why was I so sad. Why was I uneasy? It hit me; I was taking in way too much of the news around his passing, I wanted to defend him even though it was not my place so I kept following the stories. The negativity surrounding his death was getting to me so much.

And it was more of a case of coming to terms with the fact that when you are gone nobody is there to defend you or your name. The tabloids will do so much to sell or rather get the numbers they need to keep running. It will not matter what you did right, it will not matter that you helped so many people, nothing will matter then. And I guess it hurt to think that someday I will lay lifeless only for people to search for horrible things to say about me because I am no more. It hurt me to think that there was nothing I could do to stop people from trash-talking a dead man and teach them to be kind no matter what.

And that is when I decided that I will forever choose peace, people will do and say things that they want to. We are all wired differently, we all believe in different things and that is ok. From then on, I included the affirmation ‘I am manifesting internal peace,’ on my list. On top of saying this out loud I began to curate my social media time lines. I made a conscious decision that if I bump into content that upsets me the best thing is to remove it from my time line instead of engaging. We truly give the trolls the wings they need to fly by continuously engaging them. I shall continue to do this because internal peace means I smile more, I sleep better, and my creativity is peak.



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