Signs You Are Sexually Compatible

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Okay, let’s talk about being sexual compatible!! Haven’t you ever found yourself in a situation where no matter how much foreplay you and your partner do, sometimes the sex just isn’t good? Often we forget to consider whether or not you are sexually compatible with your partner.

There is more to sex than just simply getting to it. That heat needs to be felt not only in the bedroom. Besides having same-sex fantasies; being sexually compatible is about knowing each other.

Here are just a few signs you should know if you lovers are right for each other:

Open Communication Lines

It will always come down to good, honest communication between the two of you. If you can be extremely open with one another; being comfortable to try and talk about new things in the bedroom should come naturally. Get to know what your partner likes and dislikes, this will lead to a great chemistry build up.

Sexual Tension is Built Outside the Bedroom

This really is a no brainer. You stay being attracted to your lover even when you aren’t between the sheets. All it takes is for you to be able to take a good look at them and just start undressing them with your eyes. The scenario is usually a “I can’t keep my hands to myself” one. You could be caressing each other’s thighs under the dinner table or wearing that dress/suit that you know drives them crazy.

The Sex is More About the Journey Than The Destination

Sex isn’t just about the orgasm but more about the orgasm build up. You and your partner like to explore each other’s bodies and find new ways to pleasure one another. It is always important to ensure that it’s not just you that is enjoying the journey but that your partner is in ecstasy as well. Pleasure takes first preference here meaning that FOREPLAY IS NECESSARY AND CANNOT BE SKIPPED!! I can’t stress this point any further, do not be afraid to find out how your bodies tick.

You Guys Just Get Each Other

In any sexual relationship; there needs to be chemistry. In fact, you can’t have a sexual relationship without some chemistry. You just have to naturally click with your lover not just physically. You understand them, and the way they think.

That chemistry comes in play. You gotta be able to connect to each other’s minds and emotions. This also shows in the bedroom where you have a physical attraction and you know exactly what the other one needs. You guys just know each other beyond the bed.

I could really go on and on about how you will know if you guys are compatible but I will just list a few. You just have to make sure that you check some of the boxes if you want to ensure that you have bomb ass sex. Best believe that not everyone you mean and flirt with will be your type.

By Simphiwe Ndabazokufa