Simple Ways To Successfully Express Yourself

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

We have done away with 8 months in this year and listen here if you haven’t been happy through and through it’s time to change it! Especially if it is because you have been holding back.

I get it, it’s hard to express yourself because the people are always ready to judge you. But, why are we giving them so much power? They sit there to judge so as to hide their own insecurities and they do if well cause they are loudmouths.

I hope you are with me when I say, it stops today. This very moment! It’s time to express ourselves and be comfortable in being ourselves and here is where we are going to start.

•WORDS – Use your words when you need to. If you have an opinion say it with your chest. If you are not interested then say it. Just use your words, the best way to let your thoughts known. Be clear…

•FASHION – It is ok to walk out of the house colorful. That is your choice! Nobody has the right to dictate what works for you. If you look in the mirror and you love it and you feel fabulous then go be fabulous! Kapish!

•MUSIC – The best language in the world. Whether you are an artist or a listener just do your data justice. Forget the public opinion, do you boo!

•WRITING – Whether it is in your journal, a book or a blog stop, block out the voices that tell you that you should write a certain wait. Write like you! The end…

•ART – You must think I am talking about paintings and all that, no! Wherever your talent lies, that is your art. Shine bright and let nobody dim your light!

Its time to fly butterfly! On this blog, we are about being ourselves and if you feel uncomfortable you have some reflecting to do. Own your truth. #youbeyou CIAO!