The Importance Of Finding Your Voice

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

We cannot do this life thing without our voices. How would we be fulfilled if our voices are muffled? I am always thinking our mothers never got the chance to use their voices, they were told to be quiet and be respectful. To look up to men and follow their lead, or rather stay behind them because the forefront was theirs.

Imagine silencing yourself daily, running away from yourself only to bump into yourself.
Talk about a recipe for depression. If society has placed you in this place, then I am here to tell why you need to pull yourself out right away.


The peace that lives within you when you are yourself, when you own your truth, is one that can need be matched. The moment you decide that you are accepting yourself as you are, you would have freed yourself from the mental jail you would have been sitting in. You can express yourself.

This is what living your best life really is, it is loving yourself from the inside out. It is standing before thousands of people and being different and not giving a rats behind what they have to say. You are happier when you are doing what you love.


When you are within your element, deep within it, you explore it and when you start voicing out, you learn more about yourself. You find out you can do more than you thought you could before. Your confidence really goes from zero to a thousand and that is a big win. The things you thought were mountains before start to look like a pillar of salt (stop it, leave Lot’s wife out of this).


You will find yourself reading more about the things you care about, you will yearn to know better. You will start to ask questions, challenge not only yourself but those around you to go just one step further than they were before. You will find yourself feeling the need to unbox yourself and go beyond those that came before you.

Doesn’t that sound like something you want for yourself? It is people who find their voices we look up to today and call icons. But wait, you could be one too, just find your voice and use it.


I remember being the girl who took what she was fed and being content with it. So I would find myself failing to understand why I resonated with other opinions better than I did with what is said to be ‘right.’ There was this battle within me until I stopped it and chose myself.

The moment I did this, I found that the urge to immediately judge people or situations slowly wore off because my mind was open to possibilities, ideas and theories if you wish to call them that. Being open minded feeds into your creativity too. You can not separate the two.


You could never get up and tell someone else’s story, you could never stand before people and tell a fabricated story. If you do, then you are not using your voice. Please, give it back to the owner and start over. Your brand is your story and you can only sell that, you only win if you are selling yours. Remember that.

The time for us to be silenced is long gone, so if we are going to use these voices, if we are going to be heard, we might as well do it right. Don’t waste the opportunity to use your voice, no matter what. The time is now, in this very 2020.

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