Why It Is Important To Manifest The Work Environment You Want

by | Jan 30, 2021 | Mental Health, Health & Wellness | 0 comments

Do you know how many times I have read a post that reads ‘your workmates are not your friends!’ This seems to be the anthem at many workplaces, and for whatever reason, the image in my head is of a cold place. I see a place that is so quiet you can hear a pin drop because people do not speak to each other, the lighting in the place is also dark. (cringe)That’s obviously not the case but it sounds very rigid, it makes me a little happy that I work from home.

I get people who say this though, not everyone has good intentions when they claim to want to get to know you outside of work. It is a good idea to practice caution and share very little about yourself in the workplace, mind your work they call it. In the same breath, it doesn’t mean that you should be unapproachable. Smile back when people smile at you, greet people when you get to work, buy everyone doughnuts… Never-mind, I got carried away there. You get what I am saying, walk into that place with so much positive energy people can feel your absence.

To carry positive you need to be surrounded by people who exude positive energy too so here is my next point. We often manifest jobs and pray for jobs but we forget to include the energy and type of people we want to work with. I get how that is easy to skip, our minds are more concentrated on fixing the problem which is the lack of money. You will not enjoy making the money if the workplace is nothing but bad vibes. I have worked in a toxic environment before, that crew knew nothing about boundaries and respecting their employees. It was the actual pits.

Till today I am unsure why I stuck around for so long, but I was so happy to leave when the time came. An aunt of mine once asked me why I chose to work in such a toxic environment and I remember saying, ‘I am used to it I guess,’ I was lying. I never got used to it, I hated how disorganized it was, how they had no regards for our lives outside of work seeing as it was not really full time. I hated the language they used and how they often made sex a topic and sexualized everything. But see my prayer had been answered, I had gotten a job, I was not broke anymore.

Your mental health should always come first no matter how broke you get, when you ask of the universe they will give you what you ask for. I am asking you today to manifest work colleagues that will show you love, the type that you will love too. Manifest a space where respect is a thing, where are guaranteed development and growth. At the end of it all, when you do decide to leave let it be because you are looking for new challenges, or you have outgrown the position. This also goes for freelancers, manifest clients that are kind, that respect you and your work. To a year filled with positive vibes!


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