10 Facts About People Born In September

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 2 comments

Fabulous people!

Where you at my people? Happy birthday to my mentor who was born in this very month. You are truly appreciated… Now let me undress you during the people. Here we go!

• They are funny. Listen if you want a good laugh just go in search of a September if you don’t laugh then you are the problem. Their sense of humor is amazing.

• They are the definition of truthful. Lying is a very hard task for these people. They speak the truth. Stay strong they mean well.

• They suffer from anxiety and worry. Try not to do or say anything that will leave them anxious. They are absolutely terrible at not being anxious.

• They are great lovers. They love from the soul! When they tell you they love you they are not joking. They don’t have time for that remember, they are truthful too.

• Their enthusiasm is top 2 and it isn’t number two. In everything they do, they put their all into it. It could be peeling 100 potatoes, they will make it look like the best thing you could ever do!

• September babies are very polite. Yes, a human being can be truthful and polite, it may shock some of y’all because you think rude is truth. Not with these babies!

• When food lovers decided to be food lovers it’s because of these babies. It is possible that the founders are September babies. It goes without saying that the kitchen is their home, cooking their specialty!

• As they eat, they read too… Yep, they happen to love books as well. The book worms!

• They most probably take their books with them on road trips. Travelling is a 3rd love (i think) all the same if you are with a September baby, a surprise road trip will win their heart.

• Here comes the tricky part. They love things done their way, to perfection and if not there will be problems. Serious problems. #sigh

Happy birthday to each of you September babies! I love you soo much! Wish these lovelies a happy birthday in the comment section. CIAO!