We are born into conformity, and a reasonable level of conformity allows us to understand each other. For instance, conforming to the same vocabulary creates language. If each person had their own vocabulary no one would understand the other. Thus conformity when applied to certain aspects of life serves.

Today, however, I want to talk about the freedom of being yourself, freedom of being me as well.
The ability to detach from conformity where it doesn’t serve our true self as a great method of self-love.


It is no secret that man once lived in the jungle where we were faced by many predators, thus being part of the collective was an effective way of maintaining one’s security.

Walking alone was a threat to one’s survival. What if a predator found you alone and ate you, right?
This was carried forward in our DNA and today we look for social approval, the number of likes and followers we have matters. In fact, go ahead and follow @Mcpotar on twitter. ( I’ll give you a minute to open another tab and do it.) Thank you very much.

Social interaction does have its purpose and we cannot dismiss it’s importance, however social norms sometimes become a reason individuals are unable to appreciate their own uniqueness.

Derogatory terms are used against “offenders” so as to deter anyone who wants to follow them or follow suit.


Society (and you and I are included here) has its own mechanisms of whipping everyone into line through social isolation. Remember we said on an evolutionary perspective, being part of the collective means survival.

It sort of still applies today. If you are not liked, maybe fewer people buy from your shop, fewer people are willing to loan you money when you are in need, fewer people are willing to have off-spring with you (which was meant to transfer your genetics to the next lineage) and so forth.

Thus we as a society create these threats of dissociating with those who :

Have unpopular beliefs or opinions
Unpopular lifestyles at times
Maybe a sex life that is not common (I have a friend with 2 wives)

Derogatory terms are used against “offenders” so as to deter anyone who wants to follow them or follow suit. In other cases, the popular religion of that place is used as a marking scheme on whether to like the individuals or not.

This does a lot in making individuals who think different not appreciate themselves or see themselves as flawed for having other goals in life or ambitions. The inner gratitude becomes low because what they are good at is punished whilst what is common is rewarded. But why does Society (we) want everyone to be the same?

For control! It is a game of control and predictability. It goes back to survival. Not only to humans but to any creature that’s able to think, unpredictability is a threat to survival.

So humans naturally react to unpredictable events of things with fear or caution. People want to be able to predict what you are going to do next or what you might do in the future. At least the range of things you are likely to do or not do.

Thus by creating popular beliefs or rather a popular consciousness of what’s to do and what’s not to do we are sure that most people will fall within those actions. Those who don’t we punish in different ways, either by criminalizing what they do, name-calling, social isolation or insults.
If you follow what we want as a society you risk your freedom of being you.

Michael Mupotaringa


Mcpotar is a Zimbabwean based, polymath who shapeshifts from Hip-hop Emceeing, Writing, 2D Animation, Dentistry, Trolling to Digital and traditional drawing.
You can connect to him via
Twitter: @Mcpotar
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