5 Team Building Activities To Try With The Love Of Your Life

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 5 comments

Do you really have your person’s back? Do they have yours? Being a couple is a partnership and so it is great to be able to balance each other out in life. How about some fun activities to get to know each other a little more?

Let me help you to keep your love alive and add something to your list of new things you learnt about your person:

DANCING CLASSES – I can hear someone say, ‘No way, I have two left feet!’ Go topple over if it makes your partner happy! How dare you choose to pass up the opportunity to be close to your partner, bodies touching, sweating… You get where I am going to with this?

COOKING/BAKING CLASSES – because we all love food, this works perfectly. Get some kitchen skills and maybe learn how to make a new dish together. If all goes well in the kitchen, y’all will have a meal made with love to be eaten in the name of love.

When one of you makes the dish later in life, the memory will bring smiles and maybe laughter. You could easily use the particular dish to remind your partner who you are together when things get shaky; might work. Oh, and if you can involve a photographer during the class, do.

SKY WALKING – your partner could be afraid of heights, grab the opportunity to help them conquer the fear. So now you are the one they will lean on when they fear kicks in hard, talk about being there for them. They will hate you in the beginning but when they make it to the end they will absolutely feel good. Guess who is getting never ending kisses? Yep, YOU!

PAINT BALLING – action movie coming to life! Playing against each other and mapping out your strategies in order to get the big W is mad fun, can y’all tell how excited I am?! If you are a sore loser, then you better work hard and super smart. A bet could make this much more competitive, “Loser washes the dishes tonight.” Nothing sucks more than getting up to wash dishes when all your body wants is to feel the food, smh.

PAINTING CLASS – wouldn’t it be great if one posed nude and the other painted? Fun times and makes for great memories too. Talk about getting freaky ideas before the freak session.

Ok, I am going to show myself out now because obviously I am getting out of hand. To the one who loves me, point number 5 is really a need! Ok, I am out! CIAO!