I love affirmations, I never used to affirm myself. On person put me on the drug and I have not been able to stop myself ever since then. Did I doubt that they work in the beginning, absolutely, and when I had doubt they did nothing for me. Affirmations are the equivalent of speaking things into existence for yourself.

I found myself becoming more grateful, loving myself more and believing in myself way more. Negative thoughts start to fade, you look at life different. You even design your life differently, we often settle for anything and everything but affirmations will have you protecting your space. You will choose the people you hang around more carefully because ENERGY! Here is another thing I noticed, good things happen to you, I kid you not. It almost feels unreal when it starts, you will think it is all a dream, I was in denial for a while.

All I am saying is, assign time in your day to affirm yourself. You will not regret it! You can start with these affirmations, At the end of this blog post you will find a PDF you can download and keep with you with these affirmations.   

“Do not be pushed around by the fear in your mind.” – Roy T Bennett