6 Things That Will Make Your Man Genuinely Happy

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 2 comments

Remember last weeks post? We were here talking about whether or not we know what makes our men genuinely happy in a relationship. The two basics I got from women are sex and food. But I took the time out to think about it, and I came to realize we might not be doing this right.

We love the idea or reality rather of having a man that is so selfless and unconditional. Would it hurt to have it be a two-way street? I think not! So here are ways to keep him happy…

  1. PRAISE HIM:- He does something awesome, let him know you are proud. Heck, let the whole world know if you can. Be his number one cheerleader. We often throw the wrong they do in their faces in the name of honesty. Which is a good thing, but why be silent when they do good? Fix it!
  2. SURPRISE HIM NOW & AGAIN:- Men takes things for granted so easily, so routine would be a downfall for you. From time to time go out of your way to make him smile and appreciate your presence in his life. You know what he likes, so make it happen!
  3. DO NOT ABANDON YOUR INNER CHILD:- It’s so easy for women to become very motherly towards their men. That inner child in you is a plus, don’t hide it, bring it out here and there. Have fun with your man!
  4. GIVE HIM SPACE:- Clinging onto him like he is your source of oxygen is going to suffocate the man, let him go, woman! Allow him time alone, and by that, I don’t mean let him go out and blow up his phone. STOP IT!
  5. ASK FOR HIS HELP:- Men are problem solvers. So when you trust him with your situation you are tugging at his heart and you don’t even know it. #justsaying
  6. MAKE HIM FEEL SECURE:- In as much as they have egos when it comes to matters of the heart they are fragile beings. Avoid anything that would have him feel threatened. Once insecurity creeps in they start backing up.

uBu the love doctor, do I qualify? Am I still far from the title? I hope this helps someone, these may not be all the answers but let’s call it a start. Throw in the good food and sex too and we could be winning here. Men, did get this right? Drop a comment! CIAO!