How To Live For Yourself

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 2 comments

Is it even possible in this digital world? I bumped into a tweet just yesterday and it read, ‘social media is fake I wish y’all knew.’ Of course, I paraphrased that but it made me stop and think for a minute. We see it, so it exists but the story behind it is what we do not have.

Is that where the fakeness comes in? that someone will sell hard work when they stole from someone else to have what they have, not to say stealing is an easy task but hey it isn’t what they have sold.

Are we altering our lives to live up to standards that were never in our books, to begin with? I had a conversation with someone once and I had sent them a very nice shoe which was very costly. And I said to them, ‘ the day I can afford these.’

They stopped me and said, ‘Do you really need them? If I got you the same shoe just a different label will people not say your shoe is amazing? The thing is we have bought into the myth that labels and big brands define one’s worth yet it is far from it. Your worth comes from you and your deeds, what will people remember about you when you are gone. Definitely now the clothes you wore.’

It was at that moment that I realized that we truly have been sold into this system and we want it so bad we could do anything for it. We do things for people to see and be wowed, we chase the likes and the retweets. We chase the followers and forget to follow ourselves, to preserve our values and self-worth. It is such a sad sight and I do not know if many can be saved from it. Stories of people staying in abusive relationships because they gain from it and people going to extremes to get something that is currently trending.

Ask yourself this one question, do you know yourself? If someone were to ask you to write a paragraph about yourself what would you write? If you were assessed for your values and beliefs does it match the life that you are living now, the life that you show the world? The voice that lives within you, are you using it, are you telling the right story. Here is what we seem to miss, fulfillment doesn’t come from approval from those around you. It comes from you living your life to the fullest, achieving your goals, and sticking to your values.

We are all unique and that is the beauty of it all, so why do we choose to imitate another person’s life? Set your own standards and live by them. I really believe that this slaying narrative is about doing you so much so that people will listen to your story and gain respect for YOU. That is all you need, live your life for yourself and watch you be happier than ever.
That all from me today, catch you again tomorrow! CIAO!