How To Make Friends As An Adult

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 5 comments

Do we really need friends? It’s an important question and I find myself thinking about it more than I should actually. It feels silly to want friends as an adult, let alone to go out looking for friends, right? I agree but I don’t.

A social life is important, having people around you is important. (Trust me, I know this for a fact.) Healthy friendships help to boost your self-esteem, can help you live longer (it’s a science thing), they lower stress and keep you motivated.

Navigating the social scene may not be easy for all of us (read me) so here are a few things you can try.

1. Focus on being open – talk about yourself a little. Nobody is asking you reveal your secrets, just be inviting. Shake off that dear of rejection.

2. Plan dates – see an event you would enjoy, invite someone to tag along with you. It’s a great way for them to get to know you too. Don’t always wait for them to invite you.

3. Accept invites – I didn’t say drop everything you are doing and go all the time. But find a balance, when you truly have free time go and  you have a good time!

4. Try new things – go paint a naked body or something. You never know , the model might end up being your best bud or your neighbor could totally be your drinking partner. Be spontaneous!

5. Maintain the friendships you make – don’t be that person who ghosts. Call your friends and check up on them, send a text message, celebrate their wins and their birthdays.

6. Leverage social media – I know we say we are not what we tweet or whatever but I made friends that I love all so dearly on twitter. So don’t take these platforms for granted, slide into the DM if you feel their vibe.

7. Be a conversation starter – I am hurling at this point right here because why? I suck at this, the words don’t come out but ay, just try. It takes one conversation to know whether or not y’all can vibe anyway, if it works then YAY! If not, we move.

8. Start a social group – a book club? It’s a start, right? That way you make friends with people you sorta, kinda have common interests with. It’s a win for me, what do you think?

9. Reconnect with old friends – you know the ones you loved but life got in the way. It’s not a bad idea to call them up and just hang out.

10. Be yourself – pretense wreaks of desperation and that opens a door to being used. Don’t do it. Rather makes friends with people who love you for you!

So, who is going out to make friends? I would love to hear about how it goes so, bookmark this post and come back to inform us. Till then CIAO!