How To Give The Right Gifts To Your Partner

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 6 comments

Someone said, having someone with this love language can be a blessing and curse. I saw where they were going with this, do you? A blessing because I mean, just get a gift and curse because WHERE IS THE MONEY!? Yes, I laughed. Gifts can be purchased, found or made so do not hesitate to date someone whose love tank fills up when they are gifted.

This takes me to a day on twitter, a girl tweeted that she got her boyfriend a watch and he asked her to take it back because he had one that was way more expensive than the one she had gotten for him.  When I say the TL was a mess, it was a mess. There was argument on whether it was right for this man to reject the gift the way he did or not. Some said the girl was foolish for downgrading her boyfriend like that.

Ok, this teddy looks real angry y’all!

I however learnt the importance of knowing the person you are dating. Ha she observed her boyfriend more and maybe listened to him more she would have picked up on his expensive taste. She would have tried harder or went and dated someone in her pay check range *cough cough*. My point is that you need to know the person you are within order for the gift to mean something to them. Imagine buying a rose type of girl sunflowers, what are you doing?

THE BEST INVESTMENT – Dr Chapman talks about this and I found it to be very interesting and real. To save or to spend? For some people they wold rather take the money and save it up for an investment later in life. Whereas some have no problem spending. Saving for a business investment is great, absolutely, what this person is gunning for is a better future, a better quality of life. But note, you might achieve this better future without the person you love because you did not invest in them too. So, if this is you it is best you start finding a balance real quick!

Then there are those who are not givers, could be because growing up they were never gifted and never had to give either. It could seem difficult to step out and find something for someone, you may not know where to start. Start by listening and watching your partner. The things that make them happy, the things they point at or touch when you are at the mall. Most times they hint out on something they want, take note of it.

Another gift that seems to be ignored often is the gift of self. Being present for your partner during the good and bad times counts for a lot. It is something that they will hold onto for a very long time. So remember to be present!


I sat and thought for a while and then I realized, this is for you to figure out as everyone is unique. Your job is to listen and watch, all I can add to that is:

Do not wait for an occasion to gift your partner.

Throw in a surprise from time to time.

Be creative with your gifting.

Happy gifting, happy receiving my people. Opportunity to brag for a minute, what is the best gift you ever received from a lover? Meet you in the comment section! CIAO!