The Only Reason You Are Not Progressing

by | May 31, 2019 | Navigating Adulting | 2 comments

If you are here and expecting a reason out of the moon, nope it’s straight out of reality. Most times we don’t even realize its happening. It took a wake up call for me to realize my stagnation was not anyone else’s fault but mine! I closed the door to my growth and blamed the world, I bet you are too.


Comparison, we need to nip it in the bud with immediate effect. What comparison does is it tells you that you can not because you don’t have what the person you are comparing yourself to has. I wanted to close the door to music because I kept seeing artists younger than me making it and I thought, my body can’t do this, my bank account can’t make this happen and I am too old for this!

I turn 27 this year by the way. Which old was I talking about? I stopped blogging for a year because I was not getting the recognition I watched others getting, or at least I thought I was not. In my silly little head, I was not connected enough and the ‘right’ circles would never accept me.

Is that enough proof for you? It is very crippling to sit and compare yourself to the next person. You stop yourself from seeing the strengths that live in you, the very ones that will allow you to do above and beyond what others have done.

What is healthy is watching and learning from those that have gone before you. Don’t emulate and abandon your authenticity. It’s that unique skill you have that is going to marvel the world. In short #youbeyou. CIAO!