The Real Reason You Are Afraid Of Celebrating Your Wins

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 4 comments

I am starting to think I was out to sub myself with most of these topics because, wow! If there is one person who is still learning to celebrate wins, it is this little girl over here. There are times when I start to see my wins as wins after a very long time. Ever had those times when you sit and think, ‘damn girl, you did that, you had it in the bag.’ Cause I have a lot of those.

I realize where my fear to celebrate myself comes from, it comes from the fear of jinxing it all. I fear that celebrating one small step will result in me waking up the following day and being 100 steps backward again. I am afraid of the humiliation that would come with that imaginary fail so it does feel better to hide and be the humble girl who lets everyone else celebrate me.

I must say I did have a phase where I chose to celebrate and say my victories out loud and then things would just take a left shortly after. It felt like a little bit of a curse that was following me around so maybe I am not completely wrong for being afraid. I do not know why those things happened the way they did, but maybe its time I reminded myself that they happened for me and not to me. Because the truth is that they came with good lessons.

In such a superstitious world it is very hard to speak about the good things that happen in your life. It always feels better to be quiet, people have even come to the point where they do not celebrate finding love until they have tied the knot. I think about that a lot and I come to the same conclusion if you have found the person you love, celebrating them publicly changes nothing. If they are true and about you, they won’t be changed by whether or not you celebrate their existence.

I think this goes for achievements too, nobody can take away something that you would have worked for. Nobody will change that you have a trophy in your house or just received an award, nobody will change the title deeds that are in your hands. It is your win, and that’s that. The earlier you learn to look yourself in the mirror and say well done, the moment your learn to gift yourself and shout out loud for the world to know how great you are the happier you will be.    

‘The universe doesn’t give you what you do not ask for.’ – Yvette Rhatshikhopha

When you say I made this happen, I did it and more is to come then you are speaking positive vibes into your life and that is all you will get. This doesn’t rule out the mistakes and lessons but it does channel the right energy. Your life is your own and you can dictate what happens with nothing but your words, stay positive. Once you hold onto the fear of bad things following you then hey, they will absolutely the invitation.

You are the power you need. I am hoping to see and hear more about your celebrations. I am surely going to do better every single day that I have on this earth. I love you. CIAO!