Gentlemen if you master the art of eating her out then you have won! Let’s keep in mind that every body responds to different things so you have to listen to her body too. Her movements and the moans will tell you what she likes. Pay attention! So here are a few tips…

• Kiss her inner thighs, don’t just go in for the kill. Take it easy, those intimate kissed will get her excited. Gentle kisses,you are not a greasley bear.

• Find the clitoris, if you don’t know what that is it’s the little ‘magical bean’ found on every woman! You can use your hands as you GENTLY rub her, up and down, side to side, in circles. Or just use your tongue.

P.S The clitoris is extremely sensitive, don’t treat it like a dj’s turn table. Sheesh!

• When you find the clitoris, lick it. Use the tip of your tongue, the sides, the entire thing. Go up and down, in circles, pulsate. Let the intensity vary from intense to light kisses.

• Cup the clit lightly, don’t clench it, between your lips. Move your head around, you know the motions.

P.S the sucking is only sensational if it doesn’t feel like you about to detach the magical bean.

• Be playful, run your fingers down her thighs, cup her hips, massage her breasts, play with her nipples. Coordination is important, i hope you can multitask.

• Slide your fingers into her vagina. Don’t move them up and down, her body will do that all on its own. The feeling of the fullness in her vagina intensifies it all.

• You jaw will hurt so let’s avoid if from locking. Take a break but keep her wanting and rub on her clit. Or if she is comfortable bring in the sex toys!

• Dont stop when she cums (unless she asks you to), slowly swirl your tongue. If you want a gold medal, this is where you might scoop it because that is the road to multiple orgasms.

Who wants to put this to the test? If it fails we will take the post down. We are waiting for the reviews. CIAO!

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