Oh if only we could ladies and gentlemen, if only we could. Twitter reminds me every day that this is the hardest thing you could ever ask of human beings, respecting the next person’s opinion. We tweet our opinions, we disagree then next thing you know we are in a twar that leads to insults that have nothing to do with the opinion that was tweeted in the first place. So bizarre! But here we are.

There is so much aggression put into this and it honestly worries me. if these conversations were to  be had face to face would the building survive? Voicing out your opinion is not a bad thing, it is choosing to be right all the time that is off. Leave room for correction beloved, it is ok to be wrong. Instead of moving into aggressive mode right away, ask questions and have a conversation. It is the healthier option and here is why:

  • You become open-minded. Asking questions and having a conversation instead of fighting allows you to hear the person out. You will learn a thing or two from the conversation and begin to look at things differently. Allowing yourself to listen and learn about different opinions trains you to be open in life.
  • You grow. We learn from each other, they do say no man is an island. And taking advice or lessons from other people feeds into your growth as a human being. This could be a way for your social life to improve too.  
  • You learn how to resolve conflict. In most cases, it is in having a calm and respectful conversation that brings the solution. When you step out of the habit of being right all the time, you learn to connect with other people’s feelings and also communicate yours without causing pain.
  • You enhance your listening skills. Not many people have this skill but the fact that you are ready to counter the next person’s point, you have to listen. You may start off listening for the wrong reasons but as you grow, this comes in handy.
  • You learn that it is ok to be wrong. It is nice to walk away and be right but it doesn’t happen all the time. Realizing you are wrong often leads to feelings of anger and mostly towards yourself. You begin to regret getting into the conversation in the first place, ay take your L (read as lesson please). You were wrong but you did learn what is right, now go to the next corner and flaunt your new knowledge.

I hate being wrong, I hate it so much and I used to blow when things did not go my way. But ay, I learned. The one thing that kept happening when I was hell burnt on being right was that I kept losing people. You do not want to be in that position, believe me. I hope we all learn, it takes time but the important thing is actually learning. What is the worst thing you have done just so you could prove your opinion?