Why You Need Adventure In Your Life

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Someone Wise.

Remember when we spoke about comfort a few months back? It often leads to a routine life and has you living a very boring life too, you will find yourself hating life. Which of course should not be the case. We are meant to try things out in this world, face our fears and conquer them. Adventure opens up your mind to possibilities, you become more open-minded about so many things. Talk about adding memories to your life.

I dubbed 2020 the year of adventure for myself but then, of course, COVID-19 stepped in and stole the show. I still plan on doing the most if I come out of this alive. The reason why I decided to change my ways is because I noticed how depressing my life was becoming. There was no color, no exciting stories to tell. Nothing!

If my life was a coloring book, it would be blank. Many things happened in between that caused all these changes but I would be a fool if I chose to blame the past when I have the power today to change my life. To dictate what it will be and how I will live it, so who is with me?


Have a list of all the things you would like to try out in this life. List the places you would like to visit, it is however not enough to just have a list. Do the research that needs to be done fully, including the pricing.  You need to have a plan on how and when you would like to do each item. This will help with your saving too. Then go out and conquer the world.


Comedy shows, concerts, market places, racing or opera! Do not always settle for something that you know you will enjoy, try something else. You may enjoy it or be very disappointed. It is still an experience.


‘We are going to catch snakes, wanna come?’

The answer to that question is yes. You hear me, it is yes! Go and learn something new and possibly pass out too but it makes for a good story.


Anxiety is the number one thing that will fight this every time you make a decision to go somewhere on your own. For me, it comes through even when all I want is to take a walk in the opposite direction of my usual routine. So it is scary, but then we are all about facing the fear and doing the most.

Go out there and see the world. Solo travel helps you learn more about yourself, you will be faced with challenges out there and you will have to make a plan, our creativity becomes better and you make more friends because I mean you will have to talk to people before you lose your mind.

Lying by the pool side or the beach is absolutely relaxing, do it, but if you leave home and go to a beautiful country to come and tell us you spent it by the beach then we are not counting it. Try again darling! Jump off a cliff, walk on water, hone just do something!


Do not dress up and walk into a different restaurant and order chicken and chips. (I am talking to myself, self-intervention).

It feels safer to order what you know but how will you ever widen your palette with such poor behavior? (I know someone who is reading this and is giving me a side-eye, I am going to do better) Here is a plan, leave the house with a budget for two meals, let the first be of something you have never tried before if after two bites you want to die then get the usual dish.


An adventurous life will need you to be very disciplined with your finances, so have a monthly budget. Plan carefully, who knows we might be subscribing to your blog titled I AM ADVENTURE soon. Speaking of which, have you subscribed to this one? CIAO!