Happy new year to you my darlings! Guess who has another opportunity to chase their dreams and make them happen, yep, you and I. I am very excited for the year but I do want to talk about something we often overlook and has us grading our years as uneventful. Most times people consider their years to be successful after they have done something big. Where I am from ‘big things’ include buying a car, a house, getting a promotion or getting married.

I acknowledge all of these things and how they change one’s life positively. However, allow me to change your mind a little. Every year is filled with growth that is worthy of celebration even when you did not achieve the things that are counted as ‘big’. What am I rambling on about? Let me take you back a little.

In the year 2019, I went through a breakup that forced me to start over and as I was doing that I lost all my income because a man cheated me. I had to move in with my sister as I figured out how to get back on my feet. I managed to pick business up again and after some months I moved out again. I moved into a furnished room because I had nothing of my own other than my phone, laptop and clothes.

2 weeks after I moved into this place we went under lockdown and that also affected business as people went into a panic. You already know that I too panicked because it felt like I was about to go back to my sister’s but I made it through 2020. Each month I paid my rent in full and took care of myself. Then the internet had people talking about amazing things that they had managed to do and I started to feel like I had not done much.

Then I paused and realized I was not giving myself enough grace, many people became homeless and jobless in the year 2020. The nature of what I do allowed me to continue to make money and have a roof over my head. That was a very big achievement and I turned to gratitude. It was also the first year that I had stayed on my own in South Africa, I had done something great for myself and it was worth celebrating.

2021 came and my friends and I were in high hopes for the year. I remember making a list of things I wanted to purchase for myself that I knew would make my life easier. And as the year went by I purchased these things slowly. One of the things I got myself was a UPS, now you could sit there and think well anybody can get that so what? So it made a difference in my life, it allowed me to work even if power cuts because my router would still be powered. Before this, it would mean I am stopping work or spending money to get data to use in the interim. This was just an example to illustrate how little things can change one’s life.

Another thing that I did for myself in the year 2021 was to add new pieces of clothing to my wardrobe. There was a season when I could not do this for myself and being able to finally do it came with a big shift in my spirit. I rarely go anywhere but I knew that even when I needed to I wouldn’t end up in a ball close to tears cause I did not have clothing to pick from. Those pieces I added brought light to my life.

All this is to say that you get to determine what a great year means to YOU. Stop using the same scale as the world, this is your story and you get to live and tell it. Choose to be intentional with your choices and do that which changes your life and makes it better. We all deserve a quality life and even that is different for each person. Having milk in my home could mean quality of life to me but not to the next person.

I am challenging you to look back at 2021 and list all the things you managed to do for yourself that you know brought ease into your life. Be grateful for it all and also list the things you want to see for yourself this year. Be kind to yourself, all growth happens one step at a time and it is ok if you do not manage to fulfil everything on your list because hey life happens. If you want to know how I do my yearly list feel free to DM me and I will share it with you. All the best! CIAO!