3 Simple Ways To Protect Your Peace

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

I have met verbally abusive people in my life. I have taken in so much there is a time I hated the idea of speaking to another human being. And the problem is I kept all those words and nurtured them, I held onto them and made them a part of them. I allowed them to mould me and that is the worst thing I could have ever done to myself. I then had the job of unattaching myself from these evil words and yielding positive thoughts. So let’s talk about how to protect your peace!

  • HASH IT OUT : It may not be immediately because not all of us are good at speaking when we are in our feels. However it is important to actually address the issue at hand, make it clear that you do not appreciate being spoken to in that manner. Make sure they get that you were bruised by their words and WHY. You will find stubborn people who will choose to ignore your feelings and that is fine too, as long as you spoke your truth it is enough.
  • LET THEM GO: Whether the hush out works out or not the best thing you can ever do for yourself is let that person go. The fact that they could say hurtful things to you, means they have meditated on this thought for a while before actually vocalising it. Keeping them around will result in you being hurt more than once because they know you are there to stay and for them to abuse. Spare yourself.

  • BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF: I like to do this one little thing that allows me to be as honest as possible with myself. I jot down the things that were said that hurt me. Then I re-write each point into a positive mantra. It is the best thing ever, because whilst this person saw whatever they saw, I start to learn about myself. When you think about what they said and ask yourself if that is what you are and find you not, it is a lesson learnt, a beautiful one too!

That’s all from me, but I know you may have something to say. Please, school us too! CIAO!

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