5 Ways To Surprise Your Better Half

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 0 comments

Before we go far, please make sure your partner is one who actually likes surprises. To my surprise, some people really hate surprises. But if they love surprises then you are in the right place.

Yes, I stay preaching the importance of knowing your person in order to gift them right but there are a few things on the list that work for many people. You can always twist some of these to suit your person too, it is ok.

Now shall we?

A paid hair do – I am shuwa (sure) you know when your mans is set to get a haircut and how often he gets one. Just pop in and pay for the haircut. You may even top it off with his favourite hair and beard products as a gift.
For the fellas, this is where it gets very tricky, cause women’s hair is a LOT (unless your girlfriend is uBu and all she needs is a haircut).

You firstly have to pray that her hair stylist is honest and will not overcharge you, seeing as so much goes into women’s hairstyles. If you know your girl well, pick a hairdo for her or leave the choice open.

If this proves difficult, just pay for a spa treatment. Make sure it includes a manicure and a pedicure too.

Flowers – let me make it clear that men love flowers too, they really do. So first of all, know the type of flowers they like. Secondly, there are preserved roses that last 12 months! Check out Rosa flowers for these. I am just saying it is always better to give someone something that lasts longer and keeps them thinking of you.

Imagine getting home to a rose or two or three in every room + a note with kind words. The last spot will have the new vase and the final note, maybe a bottle of their favourite beverage. Listen, a meal will be great too. Hello uber eats! (or whatever service that delivers food in your area).

Dress up and go – what do I mean? Get them a new outfit that suits the occasion, you better get the sizes right. It could actually be an outfit they have been talking about, get it and match it with a place or occasion. Go have some jolly good fun!

Business r us – we often take lightly how showing interest in your person’s dreams makes them feel seen and loved. So sign them up for the course they cannot afford, get them the book that they have been talking about. He or she is a doctor? Get them a stethoscope! Just do something! Do you hear me?

Get them a scent they love – you could never go wrong with surprising your person with their favourite scent. The hints always come, usually in the form of, ‘my scent is almost out and I am so broke.’ Chances are they are not broke, they (read women) just do not want to use their own money. Way to get you some extra loving by surprising them!

Try one of these and let me know how it goes, I would love to get some feedback. 2020 has to be different, let us spread some love. Try any of these for your friends too. CIAO!