Are You Settling Because Of The D!?

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Mental Health, Health & Wellness | 0 comments

This blog is inspired by the current affair brought to you by Olinda, Tytan & the other woman. So turns out Tytan has cheated AGAIN on his wife who married him, as Twitter says, Olinda. Now we have always known Olinda to take her L’s publicly, every single time.

She does this with every single L, she goes live and are out all the details. I stopped watching those after the second or third video because quite frankly, it’s exhausting to watch herself go through the most when she can just choose herself. It goes without saying that she isn’t leaving Tytan, yep you heard that right. In fact she has given him a pass and allowed him to go hunting for women. Hello, open relationship (we need to talk about this.)

I was thinking, many women do this. Over and over and over again, just not publicly as this superstar does. But it’s happening, women are disrespected by men and for some odd reason, we stay. Because I didn’t watch the video, I’m really here using hearsay, it is said that she said she would not leave him because then who will she have sex with.

I know what you are thinking, so much D out there! But is it as good as the Tytan-D though? Imagine leaving good D for mediocre D just because he cheated, pshshshshsh! rolls eyes Could definitely be me, but someone out there has that as the top reason to stay. What do we call it, Dickmatization?

You may say I haven’t had it good enough if I am leaving niggas that disrespect me. Fair and fine but do we not deserve both respect and good D. Recently in a bloggers group I am in we were talking about how as females we are raised to be good at certain things not for us but for men. So after all that crazy brainwash of putting men first, do we not deserve some respect and loyalty? C’mon now…

All I am saying is get that D and get that respect mami. Period! But, what do I know… CIAO!