How I am Managing My Money In 2021

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

I remember when I was younger and all I ever wished for was to grow up and make my own money. I dreamt of buying a car and a house, I would have all the food I liked and ate it the way I wished because damn it, it is my food! Then adulthood came and shook me to my core, and I know I am not the only one. This thing comes with its own ups and downs and quite frankly I want a refund for the dreams I bought. The money comes but it is never enough for the things that I want and nobody gave me a manual for how this works.

For a large chunk of my adult life, I had no idea what money management was, I randomly did things with my money then wonder where it went. I would sbwl (crave) something and head on out to get it then realize I just used my ‘savings,’ money. I would put it off and tell myself I deserve to be spoilt and that there is plenty of time to save money. It worked until I had an emergency and then had to go out and ask for help from people. Guess who is broke before they get their money at the end of the month? Me! The jokes write themselves in this adult life.

I was also waiting for the money to be Gill Bates money in order for me to be able to do the things that I wanted to, so for as long as it was small money I was going to do small things. What a small mind I had. The reality is we will never have enough money, even as the numbers in the bank account grow, it never feels like it is enough. The important thing is how you use your money, I remember a pastor once shared his story years back at Celebration Centre Borrowdale. He spoke on how he and his wife had gotten married and both of them got promoted at their jobs.

This meant their income was good but they never changed how they did things, they continued to shop for their groceries at the same place. Their personal budgets didn’t change either, the excess money went into investments so they continue to grow their money. That stuck with me even though I did not start using it right there and then. I was a teen then but now it makes so much sense, we often get too excited when money doubles up we forget that we are still the same people, living in the same world, threatened by the same problems. It is very easy to get carried away and cater to our desires right away, I have fallen into that trap too.

This year I am choosing to be wise with my money, what I did do is I listed all the things I wanted to get for myself this year, both big and small. Then I assigned things to a month and made sure there was a balance between my bills, savings and these purchases. So far I have managed to cross off a couple of things from my list and it just taught me that doing things one at a time is really the only way to go about it. This is how you build on things, now my only prayer is that I remain committed to doing the things on my list. I do advise you to try it, please do comment below with some hacks you have for us.  


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