3 Pieces Of Advice For Any Long Distance Relationship

by | May 13, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 1 comment

Touch, a language of its own. It says what words won’t and the sensation it brings plays back in our minds, over and over again. The look in the next person’s eyes tells you who they are in your life, it sparks a fire in your heart. It’s the little things, right?

It’s the little things that keep love alive. Even in the rough times, these memories remind you why you in that space. Relationships are hard work, whether thy partner stays next door or miles away.

I learned my lessons through experience, and if you wish to read on those funny stories you can read my book, THE KINGS THAT DIDN’T NEED THIS QUEEN. Today I am going to share a few things that I learned to help those who are in long distance relationships. Here we go…


If ever you find yourself building your life around your partner and nothing else, you are setting yourself up for a disaster. In most cases, you will find that if your partner is building a personal life and you are focused on you and him/her you are going to get offended by their choice.

They are part of your happiness, they just should not be all of it. Individually, you need to be able to still do the things you love, freely and openly. Go to work, makes some friends, go out here and there, travel, invest. You should be able to make yourself happy before the next person does.

If your idea of a fun weekend is a tub of ice cream in bed whilst texting your better half non-stop, errrrrrrmmmmm. Re-evaluate!


I made the mistake of trying to keep everything rosy, I didn’t want to lose that ‘skip a beat’ moment. Even when I knew I was hurting, I played the happy and obedient girlfriend and kept it moving, a picture-perfect relationship is all I painted for everyone.

Don’t do it. Talk about it, if it needs to be addressed let it be addressed. Dragging it along only means that someday you are going to crash and burn. Nothing may be able to extinguish that, guess who won’t be in a relationship?

Communicating about such things helps both of you know each other better. You get to find out whether their weaknesses are ones you can tolerate and live with forever or not. Isn’t this what dating is about anyway? Getting to know your person in and out?


Let your time be your time. Catch up, remind each other of why you love each other. Play virtual games and be fools for all we care, just make sure that time is set aside for the two of you. Don’t share it with work or your best friend.

Remember that at times long distance relationships come with time difference and busy schedules. Setting a time, even if it will be for 30mins tops, it’s good enough. You need to keep the communication 100% for the relationship to work. It makes your relationship important and even though you are apart, there’s always something to look forward to.

Well, I hope this helped you or it will help you in the near future. Love rules! And today I want to y let you know that I love you, thank you for reading! And ay, add some
pointers in the comment section if you have any. CIAO!