5 Effects Of Heartbreak You May Not Know About

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 2 comments

You could die from a heartbreak! Heartbreak is the actual ghetto, I know you know it too. We have become so guarded as people because we do not want to go through it. Our walls are all the way up and trust is nowhere to be found. Quite frankly we are justified for this because the effects of heartbreak can be lethal!

• Heartbreak can kill you – the shock that you might have right now is the one that hit me when I learnt this fact. The condition is known as broken heart syndrome. What happens is stress hormones cause short term heart muscle failure. When this happens most doctors may think that one has suffered a stroke, the only difference between a stroke and broken heart syndrome is they will not find any blood clots. It is indeed treatable but can be fatal too. If you experience intense chest pain after a heartbreak (of any sort) please SEE A PROFESSIONAL!

• Weight gain or loss – we all react differently when our hearts are broken. Some prefer to stuff their faces to numb the pain whilst going through every movie they can possibly find. One study stated that eating whilst watching television is one of the biggest causes of weight gain, I guess cause you can easily overeat. On the other side of the ring, individuals lose appetite and hate the idea of food. You need to be careful, either of these two done to the extremes is a health hazard.

• Withdrawal symptoms – did you know that love is a drug equal to cocaine and can be very addictive. Well, now you know. If you had been so used to feeling loved and all that suddenly everything disappears your body will detect it. People may begin to suspect you were on cocaine, worry not, with time it wears off.

• Questioning your self-worth – was I not enough for them? Am I a terrible person? What did I do wrong? Am I not lovable? All these questions and more flood your mind. In most cases, you blame yourself and start to develop hate towards yourself. Stop, the relationship ended, evaluate everything that happened. Correct yourself where you went wrong, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Of course, you are lovable!

• Your brain tells you that you are physically hurt – weird right? Turns out the same hormones that are released when you are physically hurt are the very same ones released when you experience social rejection. So yes, you will feel like you got punched in the stomach.

I wish I could diagnose how best to avoid heartbreak but that would mean staying away from love. I am sure there are effects of lack of love too… So we definitely need love. So, choose your lover carefully and steer clear from heartbreak is all I got. I love you. CIAO!