5 Getaway Ideas For You And Your Lover

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 0 comments

Travel has to be one of the things that needs to be on everyone’s list. Honestly, we would have failed ourselves if we allow lives to come to an end without seeing the world. It was made to be seen, go out there and see it!

Here is the thing about travelling; it opens up your mind, you learn more about yourself and see life differently after each experience.
Solo travel is great but have you tried a baecation before? As the person writing this, I have to confess to never being on one. Isn’t that sad? So this is also a cry to the universe, as Graca of Deus would say, hi pls!

CAMPING – I do not know why this is number one on my list but here we are. This may be very uncomfortable for many (read me) but I think it is an experience we all need. Out in the woods, away from the noise. No internet connection and allows for you to just relax and take in the environment. Camping is great for enhancing your creative and survival skills too. You learn something about yourself and learn something from your partner too. clears throat Sex under the stars, in the woods could be awesome too.

BOOK A WEEKEND AT A RESORT – could be something very close or very far, depends on how your time is set up. A weekend away in a nice place with fun activities will do y’all some good. Try to stay off your phones, spend quality time together and have quality conversations too.

A DAY AT A MUSEUM – find a museum that is out of town and go spend the day learning and seeing something new. You may pick one based on what your partner likes or something you have in common. Most of these places have cafés so you may eat away! Yes, food is very important ladies and gentlemen.

DAY AT A MARKET EVENT – events in your city are nice, but events outside of your city are waaaay better. Meeting new people, gaining new experiences and tasting different food sounds like a plan to me. You get to hang out away from your usual gang and enjoy each other’s company more because you only have each other in this new place.

A DRIVE – but I do not have a car..well then rent a car! Grab your person, stock up on food and drinks, set your playlist and go on the road. No destination, just drive. Find somewhere to park, have a mini picnic or a full one. You may discover cool spots whilst doing this and come back another time with friends.

I love love and I would like to hear different stories as the years pass. Stories of us making our own rules in relationships and learning to show each other that we love each other outside of the usual. To happy couples! (hoping you will respond with ‘to happy couples’ in the comment section) CIAO!