6 Things Men Wish Women Knew

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 0 comments

I have always thought I was a guru at this womaning thing, turns out I am just average. I took some time out to talk to a few gentleman, I learnt. So it would be fair if I shared, lets!

  1. KEEP THE LOOK NATURAL: Yes we look fabulous in the wigs and the makeup, but they prefer us looking natural. The nappy hair and the freckles. The patched up skin, the scars all of it. The reason they gave was that they are very visual beings therefore what they see when they meet you is what they would like to see when they wake in the morning. They want to fall in love with all of you! This has to be the biggest challenge we have been given as women, I want to cover up the blemishes on my face with my concealer and these ones just want me to walk out as is. I am just a messenger ladies!
  2. BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF: So men hate surprises, they hate finding out that you prefer to chew loud to taste your food later in the relationship. So its best you be the weird you, and I am for this. Pretense is tiring and it really is a turn off to find out who you really are when I have fallen in love with someone else. Seriously just be yourself, if it chases him off then good riddance right!?
  3. THEY RELATE MORE TO YOUR FEELINGS: Saying, ‘I am just worthless to you, aren’t I?’ and saying, ‘I feel worthless,’ are two different statements in their head. The latter will give you better results ladies. Men like to fix things, naturally, so when you say you feel a certain way then they are quick to want to make it right. My potty mouth has been costing me so much, clearly.
  4. CONFIDENCE : The key to a man drooling all over you is your confidence. Men would like us to know that there is a difference between being confident and being classy. You can be classy because you want to cover up your insecurities. You can be classy and confident because you have accepted and embraced your flaws. See the difference, see what they prefer? My work, is almost done!
  5. TRASH TALK IS UNATTRACTIVE: You know that thing we tend to do when we talk trash about someone else to make ourselves feel better about ourselves? Yea, so unattractive! Do not do it. Don’t do it if you want to be my friend either, so ugly..

I did not speak to enough men, they may be more that I didn’t get so go ahead and add more in the comment section. Oh wait, someone said if she is better at FIFA then its a NO! Dumb it down ladies, its a NO NO! Remember to subscribe, CIAO!

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