8 Reasons Why You Are Single

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 6 comments

Fear plays such a big role in our lives sometimes we don’t even realize it. We have all had a season of, “I am single and happy, ” yes we have. We have defended our being single in so many different ways but I think sometimes we are just afraid. Afraid because we have tried so many times and it just never worked out. If I am here typing a lie, please sign out immediately! If you’re still here, let’s get into the few reasons I picked up.

  • You are afraid of not being accepted as you are. You have been rejected so much for being yourself you would rather not go through it again.
  • You are afraid of being stuck with the wrong person. I have asked so many times if there is ever a way of knowing who is right and wrong. If you have the answers please drop them.
  • You are afraid of making love to someone who just doesn’t love you. There is an emptiness in this feeling, one you can’t really explain.
  • You are afraid of giving your time to a toxic space. Toxicity can be addictive and for survivors, it’s a place they never want to go back to.
  • You are afraid of waking up next to someone you barely recognize. We have all been there, we thought we knew someone and yet we didn’t. The trauma never sleeps.
  • You are afraid of getting hurt. We are often told not to give up and to try again because love is for everyone. Is it? Why does it often hurt? The pain is what we fear.
  • You are afraid of being misunderstood. Not everybody will get why you speak the way you speak, eat what you eat or do what you do. Reasons why we hide parts of us, fear…
  • You are afraid of getting trapped. Fellas, this ain’t the trapping I am talking about! I am talking getting emotionally trapped in a space of unhappiness yet the facade feels good.

If any of these ticked for you and you are single we need to have a conversation about this. Fear is the biggest trap and we need to find a way to conquer it together. Let’s talk about it, drop a comment! Remember to tune in to the podcast on Wednesday as we talk more on this! CIAO!