How To Ask A Girl Out And Get A Yes!

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Love, Sex & Relationships | 2 comments

There seems to be a serious problem on our hands and we need to fix it. I feel like if I roll my eyes one more time for every dumb thing a guy does or says to ‘impress’ me they won’t unroll. I take the fault on behalf of the ladies, cause we haven’t made enough the effort to tell you what we do like, instead we have said what we hate. Today we school you! (I say we because obviously, the ladies pitched in).

  1. Be a listener. On most days we are rambling about things you don’t understand at all, things that don’t concern you, yes we know. But if you listen to the dumb shit we will come back with deep shit. If you pay enough the attention this is where you find your woman and everything you need to do to woo her. Now if that isn’t winning, I don’t know what is.
  2. Compliment her. Yes, we love being told we are beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, etc. I mean who doesn’t? Here is what else we love, compliments on our work, our mind, and our creativity. Let us know that you see beyond our face beat and curves. The best compliments are compliments that are specific, not generic comments. Telling her something that is sufficiently unique is the best.
  3. Buy food. I can’t stress this enough, we love food! We are the food lovers they speak of. It’s in our DNA! Pay attention to the food she loves, likes, craves, wants to try, etc. Did you hear me?
  4. Make her laugh. Be a clown from time to time. We want to be able to count on you to turn the day around if everything is falling apart. Quite frankly if she doesn’t look for you at such a time, you absolutely not getting out the friend zone.
  5. Get to know her. This should be sitting at number one. You are visual creatures, so obviously the outward appearance pulled you towards her. But there’s more to her so bury your sexual fantasies and find out who she is, what she loves, what makes her smile. Good conversation helps with this. (Don’t ever say – tell me about yourself)
  6. Be intentional with everything. You wanna take her out, great. ‘Buhle, I would love to spend some time with you. Are you free Friday night so we can do dinner?’ INTENTIONAL TEMPLATE…
  7. Surprise her with the things she likes. This can only happen if you managed to do 1&5 otherwise you will buy a puppy because you think it’s cute only to find she is allergic. Now, what!? I know, you look stupid!
  8. Flirt. Sexting is sexting, flirting is flirting KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Let me pull the definition of flirting for you real quick.

Flirt – behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions.

Sext – to send someone a sexually explicit message or image by cell phone.

I hope I was loud enough for you. If you lose after this, then your place on earth is somewhere in the jungle. I joke! If all this is done right, by the time you pour out your feelings she will be right there with you. Ready to start the journey and be exclusive! I did my part, gentlemen, do yours! CIAO!