How To Manage Your Time

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 2 comments

Ever had a day planned out in your head perfectly, you tell yourself that you got things covered. The day itself then starts feeling like chaos 2 hours in, by the time midday hits you just want to give up cause nothing seems to be working out. End day when you finally sit down, it hits you that you forgot something more important than picking up your laundry from the laundromat. If you still have these days going then here is what you need to do.


Your evening/night routine comes into play here.  Before going off to bed, write down your to-do list for the following day, this way you don’t become the person we just spoke about. If you are in the habit this is the time to review the list you made for the day, your progress on a project, and make a new list for the new day.


Your to-do list has things that are more important than others, it is always easy to remember the report you were yelled for yesterday or the business plan that might bring in the big bucks. Your morning routine has to have 15 minutes of re-organizing your list in order of importance.

  • Urgent & important – get the tasks that fall here first, it will relieve you of stress and allow you to get other tasks done easily. These tend to weigh on your mind if not done so get them out of the way.
  • Urgent but not important – these are really small tasks that may have come up at the last minute before your day ended. They need to be done but also take very little time, it could be an email you need to send to one of your colleagues.
  • Important but not urgent – these require your attention but not immediately. They can be postponed because their deadline is at a later date if necessary.
  • Not important – you get it.


One of the biggest distractions I know is social media. It has become a drug to many and just one notification could have someone stuck to their screen, being unproductive for hours on end. That someone is me sometimes and I know you relate. Here is a plan, turn off the wifi on your phone, put it away and work. You can always check it during your tea break and your lunch hour instead.

Rinse and repeat!

Personally, I keep my to-do list pinned on my phone, so whenever I pick my phone for some chit chat, I am reminded I have things to do. This is the gospel and you need to make it a part of your everyday. Let me know how it goes for you darling, as or me I have one thing off my list already! Remember to help a friend out too, share this with them. CIAO!