How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 1 comment

2018: I felt like nothing I did mattered, like any effort I put into my work was useless because nothing worked anyway. I started doubting the talent that I was born with. I saw other people do what I did and I would have a lump of jealousy stuck on my throat for days. I wondered how it was that other people were making it, I thought of all the possible reasons why they had it going on and I did not.

I started seeing things, feeling like I could never achieve my dreams because I was nothing like them. What I did not realize was that I did not need to be them, our stories are different and that is what is needed. We need to tell different stories because each one saves another life. All I needed was to get up and be myself, every failure was a part of the journey, all the downs were taking me to a higher place.


  1. Accept where you are. You may not be where you want to be and that is ok, keep working towards your goals. Live life within your means, it is easy to try and portray an image that isn’t true just to feel like you belong. That will only strain you and leave you empty. So instead, let the life you want to be the motivation.
  2. Accept your past. Stop carrying the past into your future, when you do you continue to blame the past for the present. You tell yourself that you are doomed because of the past therefore you will not be able to get past it. This is a lie, leave it.
  3. Water your own grass. Remind yourself that you are enough because you are. Affirm yourself without fail, you are your own hype man.
  4. Social media detox. This may be very helpful, social media puts pressure on us because of the stories it tells. The more you see success stories you continue to drown in your misery, take time out to self-evaluate so that instead of comparing yourself you turn that into inspiration.
  5. Be grateful for what you have, from the skills you possess to the people you have around you. Gratitude gives you peace of mind and has you feeling happier. It also increases productivity and this is what you need.
  6. Accept that you are not perfect. You make mistakes and that is ok, the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and grow. Once you accept them you stop comparing yourself to other people and wishing to be as perfect as they are, because they are not confident.

Give yourself the room to grow and be who you are, nobody will ever take your place. I mean how could they when they can barely posses your colors? You are your own competition so, can’t nobody take you for a ride! You need to shine your light, do not dim it. CIAO!