How To Use Your Voice

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

You and I, we are not the same. We could have the same vision and voice but we could choose to use it differently. This is the beauty that many miss when it comes to using their voice. Many find their voice but choose to use it in the same way they saw someone use it because it worked for them.

But is that what you are good at though?
Fear tricks us into thinking that our ideas are not good enough and we find ourselves stuck under other people’s formulas. Here is how you can use your voice, find your fit and climb to the top of the pinnacle:


J.Cole popped into my head right away, is he in your head now too? GREAT!! Get someone off their seat and make them want to do something different. Leave them with a nudge that will not stop until they actually do something. Give them the hope they need to turn their story around no matter what it takes.


The voiceless need a voice and you are that voice. If your heart beats for the people who have been silenced, the ones that have had doors closed right in front of them and told that they belong at the bottom of the barre, then your place is that of advocating. Be the one to liberate someone. Free them from slavery.


If watching someone lose their way brings tears to your eyes, or to your heart, then chances are your strength is in advising. Most times, it is because you have been through whatever the people/person is going through and when you got out of it, you wanted to stop anybody from going through your pain. Or you want to stop other people from finding themselves in that space, so all you want to do is spread the gospel. Then use your voice to advise.


Life has a way of bringing us down in so many ways. And your gift could be to uplift people, to save them from life or themselves. To take away the doubt that lives in them and fill them up with faith for a better day. To pull them out of the darkness and show them the light at the end of tunnel. Filling them up with the strength to chase that light. Just by using your voice to uplift, you change a story, save a soul and raise another voice.


I know for a fact this could never be me because I am a chicken, yes I said it! There is no way I am fighting any sort of authorities. I know my rights but those people tend to forget that as a human I have rights, so, no thank you. It cannot be a coincidence that Amanda Black’s Power is playing right now. This is to the women who have the power to fight for the rights of people in whatever facet it may be.

We respect you, we need you, we love you!
If you know that you are ready to take center stage and use your voice, comment with I AM. Let’s make it a point to make a difference this year, we cannot rewrite history but we can write our very own stories that will make history.

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