They have taken you under their wing

They have made you feel at home

They have given a taste f the life you wan t

They have given you enough to keep you with them

They are not afraid of what you capable of

They are afraid of what they will lose when you open your eyes

They don’t care for your growth as they say

They care for their growth and you helping them up

Meanwhile your time is running out

Meanwhile you are only getting a portion of your portion

Meanwhile your hands a bleeding for another

Meanwhile you don’t even see it


Open your eyes child

Open your eyes and take control of your life

Open your eyes and claim what is yours

Open your eyes and own yourself

Open your eyes and don’t be sorry

This is your time, don’t be sorry

This is your talent, don’t be sorry

This is your dream, don’t be sorry

This is who you are, DO NOT BE SORRY..!!

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