Why It Is Important To Communicate Effectively

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Navigating Adulting | 0 comments

I am very passionate about communication, I have lost relationships with many people from lovers, friends to the family because of poor communication. I wish I could drill the importance of effective communication into people because WOW!

For those who did not read my book THE KINGS THAT DIDN’T NEEDS THIS QUEEN, I wrote about one relationship I was in where the communication was horrible. Listen, this man would just ignore my messages and if I called the first thing he would ask was what I wanted. Clearly, I was unwanted.

Then months after I left him, we bumped into each other only for him to say that I left him when he needed me the most. Imagine my confusion. Only then did he explain what was happening in his life. HOW WAS I TO KNOW!?

Life is so much easier when we communicate. Communicate your feelings, your needs, your wants, your boundaries. You can only use that statement on being left at your worst if people actually know that you have a worst when the worst is happening. Let me stop ranting, lets talk about why it is important to communicate effectively in your life.

Avoids misunderstandings – when both parties are aware of the situation at hand then as the church says, all is well. This is why contracts were created, I am sure of it. Before starting a job communicate your expectations, they will let you know if they can meet them or not. Before getting into a relationship communicate your boundaries so they are not crossed. Get it?

Helps to know each other – being clear on what you want and what you do not want is a way of someone learning you. People tend to run away from talking about their needs, wants, and feelings in the fear of pushing people away, errrmmmm WRONG! Let people choose you or reject you for who you are, you would rather have people who love you for you anyway.

Creates a safe space – when two parties communicate well it opens up the floor for pure honesty. And as times goes, it feels ok to talk about deeper things.

Sets clear expectations – instead of moving in the dark each party knows what the end goal is and it is easier to reach it because the effort is equal.

From here onwards communicate with your clients, your friends, and your family. I am sure they would appreciate it so much and it would make for an easy life for you as well. People will never guess your expectations or your current situation. Speak, be heard. CIAO!