Why You Need To Network & Create Relationships

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‘I got this, I do not need anyone else to help.’ Well, do you really got it though? I see many people with this attitude and I do not judge them because once upon a time I was them. That stemmed mostly from childhood trauma, I always felt like when I asked for something I was ignored. I lacked things I felt I shouldn’t have as a child. And that made me very hardhearted to the extent I vowed that I would never need anyone to help me ever again. I carried the ‘I got me,’ attitude for a very long time, it still lives in me, I constantly have to remind myself that I cannot conquer the world on my own.

I know there are many people like me out there, who struggle to ask for help and let go of power. I know it feels like you are weak when you are allowing someone else to help and sometimes it feels like they are trying to steal your spotlight. That is not it, you will always have the spotlight, remember we all shine differently. I sat back and played back on the times that I felt left out as a child, I remembered the pain and the anger I felt, I remember wishing my parents had never passed. I cursed God for allowing it to happen to me, but then if I had never experienced it then would I be teaching you this today?

It is very scary to let go and allow other people to walk in and lend a hand, the trust issues are real considering people in this world are driven by greed. I am very secretive with the things I want to do to the point where even when I am asking for help I give a teaspoon of information. When people ask me what I am working on my brain goes into overdrive because I want to lie but I am a terrible liar so now I must give you the almost version of what I am working on. It is horrible! But I know now that I need to do better, this is not to say I am going to just share my ideas without caution but I need to place myself in the right circles and be comfortable enough to connect and share.

Years back I started an events company and it started off with a team of six people, each one with different strength. I was the creative one, the ideas for events popped off so easily, Mo, D and Don were very connected in the creative industry, Vee had an eye for decor, and Ndlenkosi was the photographer. A very strong team but because at the time I was very power-hungry I did not realize the power we had, we were a networked team. We managed to get things done because of the networks we had, even after the team fell apart those networks still existed and helped. There are some people I know today if I get in touch with them for help, they will help.

Now, these connections were brought to me, I am terrible at starting some myself and that is what I am working on in 2021. I have been talking about growing my brand and my little business for a minute now but there are things I can not do on my own, I need to be out there and talking to people who are on similar journeys to mine. We deserve growth, so let us go out there and join hands with others and grow. Surround yourself with like-minded people, go out there and talk about your brand, don’t overshare, just let people know you exist and what you do. Listen to other people too, you never know whose service or product may come in handy someday soon.  


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