Why You Need To Stop Telling People They Need, Not Therapy Jesus

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Mental Health, Health & Wellness | 10 comments

This conversation needs to be had, I think we are all in agreement here. I am exhausted with the statement, ‘get Jesus not therapy,’ or ‘you need Jesus, not therapy.’ Has anybody ever asked these people for an explanation? Because I have and they replied to me with, ‘if you have Jesus you could never be depressed or suffer from anxiety.’ I realized that people really believe this when I sat through a sermon and the pastor laughed depression off. He told a story about a friend of his who was admitted into hospital because of depression and how it could never be him. I remember not being able to control my facial expression and possibly wearing it for the rest of the sermon.

We have lost too many lives to depression because Christianity chooses to demonize it and take people for an exorcism. I mean if it is really a matter of demons living in a person then explain to me why your all so powerful pastor cannot get them out? Why are people receiving Christ as their Lord and savior and still giving up on life if that is truly the answer? Let me state facts for a minute.

THE CHURCH/CHRISTIANITY DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE EXISTENCE OF DEPRESSION –so when you refer someone to Christianity to save them from depression you really are directing them to their death bed. If you want to fight me, answer these questions for me. Why have we read a lot of stories where pastors have committed suicide because of depression? Is a demon unconquered? Why do people testify of being saved from depression and stories surface of them having had committed suicide because of depression?

CHRISTIANITY HIDES BEHIND FAITH – this act of masking your pain with faith is very dangerous. The faith you carry is that which tells you it will end, all of it will mysteriously fade away and you will be ok. Christianity teaches people that negative feelings are a result of lack of faith, therefore when one feels those negative emotions they are afraid to talk about them because all it means is that they have disconnected from God. So instead they are filled with guilt and want to reconnect and repent because the opposite of faith is fear and fear is sin.

Raise your hand if you have spoken to a fellow Christian about your negative emotions and they asked you the question, ‘have you prayed about it?’ I rest my case.


*Therapy helps you handle your emotions – being able to express yourself without judgment helps you to discover more about yourself. You begin to figure out what triggers certain emotions in you your mind opens up to living better and doing better. Before you know it, you are happier than before.

*Therapy gives you a life coach – having someone who will listen to you and help you set your goals is key. This way you have an accountability partner who will help keep you focused on your goals. When these goals are achieved, you feel more fulfilled.

*Therapy helps you find purpose – in many cases especially in young people the reason they end up depressed is because they feel lost. They cannot figure out who they are, what they want to do and chances are the people around them seem to have it all figured out so it weighs on them. Through therapy, one learns more about themselves and this helps them discover the things that bring meaning to their life. Living in your purpose gives one a quality life.

*Therapy helps with problem-solving – when your mind is clear and you have found yourself you can easily pick up on something when it is not right and you can find a solution for it. All you need in an unclouded mind and therapy gives you that.

May we agree that from today onwards we spread the gospel of therapy when someone shows signs of depression. Stop guilt-tripping people into praising Jesus when you know very well that they just need a few sessions of therapy to find their footing.

Let’s do something that might save a life real quick, in the comment section leave details of a therapist, counsellor, therapy or counselling centre that you recommend. Be sure to mention the country you are in too. Now that is doing God’s work. CIAO!