Growing up I had a small body and so I suffered from an inferiority complex, I saw myself as insignificant and I doubted my capabilities and failed to realize that dynamites come in small packages, I always thought that others people were better than me and always gave them leverage over me. It took me 16 years for me to grow from an insecure young girl who was drowning in the anxiety of other peoples’ perceptions to a confident and proud young lady and that is when I broke the new ground, I had heard enough with being everyone’s doormat I wanted to be significant, I wanted to bloom, to be heard and it took me phases for me to acquire that.


In psychology, introspection is by far one of the most powerful weapons to discover the power within oneself. I discovered my goals, dreams, and gifts through having a self-analysis.” my gift is going to make me stand in front of kings and queens’ has always been my everyday Mantra since my 16th birthday. It is the same gift that is making me write this piece. My favorite saying is” life is lived forward and yet understood backward “and so Growing up I was never one of those topnotch students I was an average type of student and it always bothered me as to why I was never in the top five of the class, I got to understand that during my Psychology lectures. I got to understand that what has kept me moving every day, what has made me achieve all that I have when I understood my potential and weakness I was able to layout a map on what I am capable and since then I have never looked back. I look to the future with eyes unafraid and seize every opportunity that comes my way. In every situation, I face every single day with boldness.


Eudaemonia is a fundamental form of happiness that dates to ancient Greece. Eudaemonia is the pursuit of happiness and In my pursuit for eudaemonia, I have been nurturing myself to be grateful to be doing whatever I will be doing. This has enabled me to develop a deep sense of gratitude. In whatever I put my mind to be it at school or in my side hustles I put commitment, hard work, and perseverance. When I face trials and tribulations, I continue finding happiness in sad experiences.

Having a board of directors

At 22 years I do not look forward to disappointing people who have molded me to become the person that I am, the values and beliefs I hold, or ruining their high regard for me. I wish that I never get to be the reason people get to fall. I am grateful for the people who have given me advice on every stage of my life. I have learned not to underestimate the power of having mentors. As a young person, it’s exciting to try something new and experiment with whatever that is before us. However, the reality is that, while one has a great idea, one may not know exactly what they should be doing with their ideas and that is when a mentor fits in the picture. I’ve had several mentors over the years and learned a large number of valuable lessons from each and every one of them. Mentors provide erudition. Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” When I was growing up I wanted to be significant, but I had no idea how to become phenomenal, I always doubted my capabilities. When I had my first mentor, everything changed, I tapped into a wealth of knowledge that got me up to speed faster and shortened that learning curve.


My goal for 2020 has been to binge on personal growth which will enable me to build my mental strength. I am allowing myself even during the quarantine period to get into activities where I get to be mentored by people who are where I want to be. I believe in being good at copying what has worked for other people instead of being an original failure. Determining what my priorities are is very important because it is what motivates me to succeed. I have come to realize that one should have a reason to do something because it enables me to follow through on my goals.