NdiliQhawe: Teen Mom With a Goal!

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Community Contributions, Mental Health, Health & Wellness | 2 comments

I was a teen mom and now I’m a young mom, who’s ambitions are far beyond someone who has a whole family to look after. After having my daughter at 19, with no clear knowing of myself, I dropped out of 2nd year… All because I was 5 months pregnant and had no other option but to keep my child. I was at the lowest point of my confidence to face the corridors and centres that lurked with the sight of my donor. With this ordeal and feeling so alone, I searched and searched to try and find the right support for myself and to prepare me for the journey ahead – Motherhood.

Being the business minded person that I am, I have always tried to use my problems to find a solution. Whilst my purpose is to help, I know my calling on this earth is much more than where my hand can stem. I couldn’t find a platform that spoke my language and all the other support systems were either close mothers, depression groups or family Counselling and none of that felt real to what I needed. 

I started Traditional Coconut to be a platform for young moms. A network for us to grow in. A place for us to feel safe and share stories and advice. A house of specialists and skilled personnel for our most needed attentions. A place for our kids to be stimulated. A place for us to learn and a place for us to get help.

Starting as a WhatsApp group, Traditional Coconut runs as an Association and has a constitution of which it runs that is decided upon by the young mommies themselves. Each mommy brings her own skillset to the board and collectively we create a system that allows for an economy to exist within and as a source of income for us all. 

For more information just WhatsApp @traditionalcoconut on 0714547452