For many of us when we hear the word boundaries our mind takes us to setting these for our romantic relationships, which of course should be done. We, however, need to do this for our friendships and our families too. Families happen to be trickiest ones on the list right? I would tell you how to go about it but listen, I am also trying to figure it out. If you have done this please, tell us how in the comment section.

Boundaries are an important part of any relationship you choose to get into. However, I have come to learn that people have a hard time respecting boundaries. And if we are being honest some of them do not need to be set, they are pretty general yet people still overstep them. Relationships have fallen apart because of this so let’s talk about why you need to respect boundaries.


I for one want to be able to speak my mind around the people I claim to be my own and I am sure I speak for many people as well when I say this. I want my words to be understood and my secrets to be safe. Respecting one’s boundaries means that person can be open around you. When we get into relationships this is what we yearn for, is it not?


If I asked every person who has been in any form of relationship where they had to suppress their true selves to hit the like button my site might blow up today, do I lie? The beauty of being able to be your true self with the people you love is unmatched, it cannot be out to words. Being able to put on the clothes that you want and not fear to be side-eyed by them. to be able to sing off-key and them joining you because it is your favorite. I would like to think as a partner/friend I would be so happy because then it means I am getting the full version of this person.


Disagreements are easier to talk through, the reason being when you listen you know exactly where they are coming from, you know what they mean and instead of listening to respond you listen to understand. Your communication is absolutely great and guess who has a healthy relationship?


You both bounce off each other because you respect each other, you know each other very well or at least we hope you do, check out these articles on getting to know yourself before getting into a relationship and getting to know your partner before getting into a relationship. You can easily pick up when something is off and attempt to fix it. You know what will cheer them up when they are down. You know what not to do to trigger them. Beautiful.


Many people end up in emotionally exhausting relationships and sometimes or most times it is because someone either refuses to respect the other’s boundaries or they use them against them. The latter being the worst way to ever treat someone in my opinion. This person really just wants to see you hurt and that is a no. Two people who choose to respect each other’s boundaries are both emotionally healthy.

The next time you find yourself crossing a boundary just remember that you are about to sabotage your own relationship. Be careful of how you treat other people, karma might be real and just around the corner too. We are all imperfect but a little effort would not hurt. May we all choose to be better people and treat each other better. CIAO!


  1. boundaries in families is tricky. To tell the truth i have a problem respecting my sister’s boundaries. Esp when it comes to gadgets and clothes😂😂😂 instead of apologizing i play victim and call for my mum’s back up. Thank you for the challenge, i am learning a lot. Its not going to be a overnight change bt yes i am learning to respect boundaries. baby step😂😂

    1. Family is very hard because to being with our parents do not acknowledge boundaries or their importance. I wish it could be different but it is what it is, right. The important thing is for us to become the best versions of ourselves. So one day at a time, one change at a time!

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