I keep seeing people on twitter talking about how they hate the talking stage, listen I get that it is a tiring process. And because we keep getting in and out of relationships it starts to feel really annoying. Telling someone your favorite color when you told someone else the same thing about a month ago. Draaaaaggggg! But then the reality is this is when we find out whether or not this person is worth our time. What we do need to do is ask the right questions. And that’s what we are going to talk about today.

SEXUAL HEALTH HISTORY – I am not talking about their body count ladies and gentleman. I do not even know why we fuss about body count in the first place, that is not the biggest issue at hand. What you need to know is whether or not they have been tested, what their status is, if they have ever been diagnosed with an STI. IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!!! Ask them please, go get tested together before getting sexually involved, stop this nonsense of living on the edge. You will fall off silly.

LIFE PLAN – how many times have you hear women, in particular, complain about a man who doesn’t have drive or direction. Yep, so many times. I think men have these conversations too, well do you? Ask about where they are currently and where they would like to take their lives. How they intend to do that and their timelines. Know!

LIFESTYLE – for whatever reason that lifestyle song is ringing in my head, I cannot remember who sang it though. Aaarghhh totally hate it when that happens. Back to the stating facts, you got to know your person’s lifestyle, there are lifestyles you match with, some you can work with and some it is a no-no and that is ok. Be with someone you jam with.

BIGGEST DEAL BREAKER – for all you know the shape of your teeth could be their biggest deal-breaker. Ok, maybe I was a bit extra with that one. But all I am saying is because you know yourself very well then when they mention their biggest deal-breaker you know whether to stick around or to just pack your heart and go.

VALUES – we did talk about this in last week’s series. Your values may not match but it is important to know each other’s values.

TRAUMA – I also spoke about this in the last blog post, know their triggers. This helps you not become the source of their triggers or to avoid being the reason they are triggered.

Relationships are beyond knowing the other person’s love language. So take the time out to know your person, your bond becomes stronger. Words are failing me at this point but I hope you hear what I am saying.

So you know yourself, and you now your partner, now what? Now you got to agree on a few things, I will be bringing those to you next week, same time. Subscribe so you never miss a thing. CIAO!